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PCOS: Why I Fight Like A Girl

By: admin Sunday Sep. 28th
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punching gloves womanBy Dacina McNabb


It’s just another one of those abbreviated words we seem to love so much in the reproductive/infertility world! But, unlike so many others, this one isn’t as much fun.

September is PCOS Awareness month, and because it’s something I battle on a daily basis, raising awareness of it is really important to me! 

So, let’s start with - what exactly IS PCOS? (Bear with me! I’m gonna get all medical mumbo-jumbo, but then I’ll break it down like a rapper at a freestyling contest!)

PCOS is short for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It’s a hormonal endocrine disorder that can wreak HAVOC on our bodies! 

Some of the symptoms of PCOS are: (more…)

How I found Joy on the PCOS Journey

By: admin Monday Sep. 22nd
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Infertility Blogger Amber LesterBy Amber Lester

Five years. Five long, emotionally draining years. That’s how long we’ve been on our journey to parenthood.

It all started in January 2009 when we decided to forgo birth control and try to start our family. As a young child my mother always had a fear that I’d never be able to conceive. I always dismissed her fear and thought I would not have a problem conceiving and told her to stop worrying, that everything would be fine.

Mother’s instinct is usually right, and this time she was. On that cold January day, as my husband and I sat in the doctor’s office discussing our pre-conception plan, we had no idea what would lie ahead for our journey to parenthood.

A month after stopping birth control (more…)

Domestic Violence and the Infertility Patient

By: admin Sunday Sep. 21st
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just say noBy Dr. Mary Hinckley

Whether it is due to the NFL issues lately or the daily news media, awareness about domestic violence is finally getting the attention it deserves. For too long, women (and even men) have suffered from the physical abuse, the verbal threats, and often – the intense shame that abuse has caused.

It may seem that the infertility clinic is an unlikely place to find victims of domestic violence, but (more…)

Weight Loss Recommendations for PCOS

By: admin Wednesday Sep. 17th
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produce fruits and veggiesBy Dr. Estil Y. Strawn, Jr.

Many of my patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) have questions about finding a healthy PCOS diet. My patients ask about a dietary regimen that may help them achieve regular menstrual cycles and, for those who are overweight, lose weight.

There has been general agreement over many years that for many overweight women, losing 5 to 10 percent of their current weight will help to restore regular menstruation. Weight loss may also help them potentially avoid the use of fertility medications or it could help fertility medications to work more efficiently.

While there will continue to be an emphasis on PCOS diets that eliminate carbohydrates or fats, most dieticians endorse a PCOS diet program that is (more…)

Sexual Assault and the Infertility Patient

By: admin Monday Sep. 15th
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By Dr. Mary Hinckley

It only makes sense that I would see infertility patients that have suffered from a sexual assault. With current population estimates, one out of every 5 infertility patients has been affected, on average.

For a patient struggling to become pregnant, a rape of the past may continue to assault them in the present, even though they may be in a loving relationship now. Pelvic pain, lack of sexual desire, and anxiety may thwart their attempts at sexual intimacy. Misplaced guilt, for being in a compromising position in the past, may haunt them still. And for some, a sexually transmitted disease or unintentional pregnancy (or termination of pregnancy) may have resulted from the rape.

It is essential to recognize the effect that rape may have had on an infertile (more…)