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A Fertility Patient Shares Her Story

By: admin Friday Aug. 29th
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“There are a lot of people and couples out there that don’t fit inside the box when it comes to having a child and creating a family. Over the past three years, there have been times when we have felt lonely in this process. UNC Fertility has done an impeccable job at making us feel less alone.”

The specialists at UNC Fertility have been providing individualized care to each and every one of our patients in order to evaluate and treat disorders relating to fertility for over 20 years. Each one of our patients arrives in our office with a unique and touching story, but none more so than a young couple* who began their journey with UNC Fertility in 2012. We sat down with one of our patients recently and asked her about her experience with us here at UNC Fertility.

Why did you choose UNC Fertility?
I have been a patient at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill since I was born. I have (more…)

Fewer Needles for IVF? Yes, Please!

By: Dr. Lowell Ku, MD Wednesday Aug. 27th
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Why are injections so important for IVF? One of my patients asked me if it was necessary to start injectables for IVF. Well, my response was, the shots are unavoidable if you want to go through the IVF process. Injectable medications help to stimulate follicular growth and have evolved over the last 100 years. Today on the blog I will discuss gonadotropins (injectable medications used to help grow eggs).

I have been prescribing injectable medications for in vitro fertilization (IVF) for over 13 years. Every time I write a prescription for these meds, I think about (more…)

Our First IVF Cycle: Tabbi’s Story

By: admin Sunday Aug. 24th
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By Tabbi Burwell

To read Part 1 of Tabbi’s infertility journey, where she discusses being a cancer survivor and first learning about her fertility problems, click over to see her first blog post with Attain Fertility. Tabbi shares her story about her first IVF experience here with us today:

By the grace of God, our friends, family and even complete strangers, we were on our way to starting IVF by raising nearly $5,000 on The total procedure was estimated at around $12,000 and this wasn’t something we initially had planned on or had even saved up for. We were practically told that we had only one shot left. Time wasn’t on our side due to my cancer history and our ages.

We compiled all of our savings and started by making an initial IVF consultation at a clinic three hours away. We (more…)

The Pros and Cons of Unexplained Infertility

By: admin Wednesday Aug. 20th
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woman with question markBy Michelle Howell Miller 

After reading the title, I bet you’re wondering what could possibly be positive about unexplained infertility. I had a lot of time to think about this issue as we tried to get pregnant, month after month, without success. Did I want to find out what was wrong, or was it better not to know? Knowing why might just mean that pregnancy would never be possible.

This is the one single “pro” that I could come up with during our infertility roller coaster:

If there is an actual, concrete reason for our infertility, that roadblock may mean the ride is over before it’s really begun. 

With unexplained infertility, the pro (more…)

I Am an Advocate for Infertility: Whitney’s Story

By: admin Monday Aug. 18th
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volunteerFeaturing Whitney Anderson

AF: Why did you get into infertility advocacy or volunteer work and what do you hope to accomplish?

Whitney: I got into infertility advocacy because I was not happy with the state of laws and insurance coverage relating to infertility. I am upset that infertility is not covered by insurance for most people, including myself, and I wanted to do whatever I could to change that. 

I hope to see (more…)