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The Benefits of Elective Egg Freezing

By: admin Friday Oct. 17th
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human egg and spermFor young women seeking to delay motherhood, fertility preservation methods are ideal to provide family-building options for their future.

This week’s announcement from Google and Facebook to offer elective egg freezing coverage for their female employees is remarkable: giving professional women more control of the timing of their reproductive decisions.

Dr. Marc Fritz, Practice Director of UNC Fertility, explains, “Women may be interested in delaying motherhood for a host of reasons, including pursuing a career or furthering education.” He continued, “Elective egg freezing is a safe and effective option and will hopefully eliminate the need for women to be forced to choose between a career and starting a family.”

Although the decline in reproductive potential cannot be reversed, freezing eggs at a younger reproductive age may (more…)

UNC Fertility and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By: admin Wednesday Oct. 15th
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North Carolina infertility clinicUNC Fertility and Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Providing Treatment and Understanding to Patients Newly Diagnosed with Cancer 

For young women facing a cancer diagnosis, fertility preservation methods are the key to preserving family-building options for their future.

(Raleigh, NC-October 9, 2014) In recent years, the month of October has become synonymous with the color pink for nearly 232,570 reasons; for the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year*. 

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women, with 7 percent of those women being of reproductive age, UNC Fertility is proud to offer services to those in need of fertility preservation. 

Dr. Jennifer Mersereau, Medical Director of UNC Fertility, explains, (more…)

Ever Upward, Losses and All

By: admin Monday Oct. 13th
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Infant Loss and MiscarriageBy Justine Brooks Froelker

The Due Date

This was the day we dreamed we would welcome our children into the world, the day we planned to become parents. We had hoped to welcome one or two babies into the world around this time. But they were never our babies to have on this side of eternity. I was never meant to mother them in the traditional sense and never on this side of eternity. They would always be just a dream and yet much more than we ever hoped.

We vacationed together in Lake Tahoe, redefining ourselves after infertility treatments, side effects and financial stressors – with no babies (more…)

It’s the 2nd Annual Furbaby Halloween Contest!

By: Britt Berg Thursday Oct. 9th
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dog in halloween costumeIf you are a regular visitor to our Facebook page, you’ll recognize the term “Furbaby Friday.” Each week on Fridays we share pictures of your cuties on our wall and celebrate the mutual love between you and your pets.

We cannot thank you enough for being a part of our community and for being so kind and supportive to each other over the last five years! To celebrate how amazing you all are, and how amazing your sweet Furbabies are, we are holding the 2nd Annual Furbaby Halloween contest here on Facebook and over on Pinterest.

Here’s how to Enter:

  1. Follow us (more…)

I Am an Advocate for Infertility: Angelica’s Story

By: admin Wednesday Oct. 1st
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Featuring Angelica Nassar

AF: Why did you get into infertility advocacy or volunteer work and what do you hope to accomplish? 

Angelica: I started as an infertility advocate and volunteer because I had a hope and desire to change the conversation surrounding infertility. I believe it starts with changing the vocabulary we use ourselves and giving others that do not understand the disease of infertility the right vocabulary to use. 

I was diagnosed with infertility when I had just turned thirty. I did not know it was infertility at the time and struggled fitting that word into my every day life. But seven years later and still trying our best to have a child, I credit my infertility advocacy and volunteer work for transforming the definition and the scope of the word infertility for me.

I used to concentrate on words like baby shower, baby clothes, and pregnancy cravings… all the things I could not do or have. But thanks to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and the courage I found to come out of the “infertility closet,” I found better words to focus on. Those words now include (more…)