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Counting Pennies: Paying for IVF

By: Stephanie Himel-Nelson Monday Jan. 30th
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Now that we’ve begun the IVF process, the reality is setting in. The financial reality, that is. Unfortunately, our insurance doesn’t cover fertility treatments, so like many people trying to have a baby using assisted reproductive technologies, we have to get creative about paying for it.

If you’re like me, you spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly how much IVF costs long before hitting the financial office at your fertility clinic. I know I did and the Google wasn’t very helpful. So I’m going to share all of our costs directly associated with IVF. The totals don’t include other medications that I take on a regular basis. And please remember that clinics and insurance coverage vary wildly by geographic region.

If you’re just starting your fertility journey, please don’t let these costs scare you. Only a very small percentage of fertility patients will need IVF. So go see a specialist sooner rather than later.

Now, I’m still hoping that will win the lottery before I start my first injections on February 9th, or “I Day” as we’re calling it. But that doesn’t really seem like a viable long-term financial plan. So T and I had to sit down and figure out how to pay for this.

First, we added up the cost of 1 fresh IVF cycle with ICSI, which has been recommended because of T’s low motility, as well as all of the medications we need.

Medications Cost
Birth control Our insurance covered*
Gonal F/Follistim at 300 IU per day $2,085.00
Menopur at 150 units/day x 10 days $1,500.00
HCG Trigger (Ovidrel) $85.00
Prometrium $300.00
Cetrotide $510.00
Estrace $108.00
Doxycycline Our insurance covered*
TOTAL $4,588.00

*A little reminder that our insurance covered these, but that doesn’t mean that every policy will. I suspect that they’re only covered for us because the big I diagnosis (Infertility) didn’t accompany the prescriptions.

IVF Cost
IVF $9,075.00
Anesthesia $400.00
ICSI $2,420.00
Cryopreservation $1,000.00
Monthly storage fee for cryopreservation $60/month $180.00
TOTAL $13,075.00

If we’re unsuccessful, we wanted to plan for the costs of a FET, frozen embryo transfer, cycle.

FET Cycle Cost
IVF $3,525.00
TOTAL $3,525.00

T and I also know we’ll increase our odds of a successful IVF cycle by trying more than once, so we also looked up programs like the Attain IVF multi-cycle plan. With the multi-cycle plan, you get up to four tries (two fresh and two frozen). The Attain IVF cost for this program is about $18,000. That’s 30% less than the same treatment plan if you were to pay for it on a cycle-by-cycle basis “ about $27,000.

If you’re under 38, the Attain IVF Refund plan may be an option. The Attain IVF Refund Program includes up to six tries (three fresh and three frozen). The Attain IVF cost for this program is about $24,000. That’s 40% less than the same treatment plan if you were to pay for it on a cycle-by-cycle basis “ about $40,500. T and I don’t qualify for this, so the program isn’t an option for us, but something we would definitely consider if we were a few years younger. I’m actually kicking myself that we didn’t more aggressively pursue treatment when we started trying for baby number 3, back when I was the young age of 36. Or at least it seems young now while I’m 39. It’s amazing the difference that just 3 years can make on your fertility.

Now, aside from programs like Attain IVF’s multi-cycle plan, T and I know we’re going to have to hand over a pretty big chunk of change. We’ve saved approximately $12,000 to put toward IVF and we’ll handle the remainder on a monthly payment plan of up to six months. Of course, we realize that not everyone can save up that amount of cash and IVF should still be an option if you need it. That’s why the Attain IVF clinics offer financing through Springstone. Springstone has some great new interest rates, so check with your clinic for more information.

Even if we’re successful on our first try, we’ll be paying at least $17,000 for IVF with ICSI. That’s a daunting amount, I know. But I hope that by breaking it down for you, you’ll have more information while you’re making your own financial decision.

2 comments on “Counting Pennies: Paying for IVF

  1. This is absolutely crazy!! They wonder why people dealing with infertility end up depressed all the time. It’s not bad enough that we can’t just pop out a baby like everyone, but they have to put the screws to us financial too. Hope everything goes right for you the first time! *hugs*

  2. Thanks so much, Julie! Hoping it will all be worth it in the end!